As people, business, and “things” increasingly interconnect in the digital economy, existing business models are being radically disrupted. What does it take to become an intelligent, digital business? And what opportunities lie ahead in this era of digitisation? Start your transformation journey here with practical help, best practices, and more.

What is digital transformation?

Digital business is built on new computing infrastructure – the pillars of mobile, cloud, Big Data, and analytics – accelerated by the Internet of Things (IoT), advances in machine learning, and innovations like blockchain. These disruptive technologies are giving companies the ability to radically change business models, and create new products and services.

How do you transform your business & products?

  • Engage your customers: Tailor individual customer experiences by harnessing data and drawing actionable insights. To stand out, organisations need to understand customers as individuals and find new ways of interacting with them.
  • Empower your employees: Help employees achieve more by creating a work environment that’s intelligent, flexible and secure. Create opportunities for people to collaborate from anywhere, on any device
  • Optimize your operations: Accelerate the responsiveness of your business, improve service levels and reduce costs with intelligent processes. By coordinating people and assets more efficiently, you can respond to issues in real time – and even preemptively solve them.
  • Transform your products: Differentiate and capture emerging opportunities by using data as a strategic asset and shifting from hindsight to foresight. The opportunity to embed software and technology directly into products and services is evolving the manner in which organisations deliver value.